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Cryopreservation of oocytes

The cryopreservation of oocytes, or social freezing, can be considered the new frontier of fertilization. Many women, today, due to impossibility or by choice find themselves postponing a child’s project: from those who have to make an intervention that can affect fertility to those who need to undergo chemotherapy for cancer, from women who have early menopausal cases in the family, up to those who expect to find themselves in the right conditions, from an economic and emotional point of view, to think of a family.
Here’s what this is about.

What is social freezing?

Social freezing consists of the cryopreservation of female gametes: the goal is to be more likely to conceive in the future by resorting to medically assisted procreation procedures, if a pregnancy cannot be spontaneously initiated.

How to understand if it is worthwhile to use it?

It is necessary to bear in mind 3 important markers:

  • The ovarian reserve.the ability of the oocytes to be functional when thawing

  • The ability of the oocytes to be functional when thawing.

  • The percentage of healthy pregnancies

This means that in order to have the same possibilities of conception a greater number of female gametes will be needed

What are the chances of success?

Up to the age of 36, collecting 8-10 oocytes, you will have 40-60% chance of completing the pregnancy in the future. After the 36 years, instead, freezing the same number of egg cells, it will have a percentage of 20-30%. After 38 years, it is more difficult to collect the right amount of eggs with a single ovarian stimulation. They could therefore serve more stimulations.

Freezing an adequate number of oocytes is very important for a satisfactory outcome of the operation as not all survive and not all are fertilized. The oocyte is very delicate and not very resistant and does not tolerate the stress of thawing well in contrast to spermatozoa and embryos.

What are the side effects?

The type of drugs and protocols available today have reduced the side effects and they are practically non-existent. A large number of published papers have shown that there is no increased risk of cancer occurring (neither at the breast, nor at the ovary or uterus) after ovarian stimulation.

Where can you go?

The IVF laboratory of the REA private clinic in Athens is one of the most modern and well-equipped in the whole world. It has all the necessary certifications and an important experience in the sector.

In the last 10 years more than 1000 women have frozen their eggs and 67% have used them with 56% of pregnancies.