Fotini Mata


Μαία Σταυρούλα Γκίκα

Gkika Stavroula


Fotini Mata is an honors graduate of the International University of Greece. She completed her internship at the General Hospital of Nikaia, Saint Panteleimon.

With a keen focus on advancing the field of obstetrics and gynecology, Fotini’s thesis delved into the intricate dynamics of midwifery within assisted reproduction centers, showcasing her dedication to exploring innovative solutions in reproductive health.

Fotini is a member of the Hellenic Obstetrical and Gynecological Society and actively engages in professional development by attending conferences centered around pregnancy, infertility, and gynecology.

Her unwavering dedication to remaining informed about the latest advancements in midwifery ensures that she can provide the utmost compassion and excellence in care to her expecting mothers and their babies.

Fotini is fluent in English, enabling her to communicate and collaborate effectively on an international level, further enhancing her ability to serve international patients. 

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