IVF in Greece. Couples from all over the world arrive in our country.

IVF in Greece: Live your myth in Greece and Get Back with A Positive Pregnancy Test Result! Εξωσωματική στην Ελλάδα.

Your Fertility Road in Athens … and on the return put the positive result in your suitcase!


In recent years, Greece is one of the top positions in the world, as a renowned medical destination for Fertility treatments and Assisted Reproduction methods – IVF.

Our country has managed to be at the top of the preferences for its quality services in IVF.

Also for the competitive costs, the legal framework and the high success rates it offers.

More specifically, Gyn Care IVF Greece & Italy gave the opportunity to hundreds of couples from around the world, to fill their arms and hearts forever

Our reputation is due to the success stories of couples. These stories quickly spread their joy and experience from the doctor’s office of our country. Publications in the international press, scientific articles in the global medical communities. Also, tributes to the rapid growth and investment in innovation build trust. So, couples who are interested travel, in order to get to us.

Why should couples from abroad choose to travel to Greece for assisted reproduction therapy – IVF?

It’s a fact that more and more couples are looking for the ideal childbearing conditions for them. Even if they are beyond the borders of their country. Now, we see it every day, welcoming more and more couples to our office.

8 reasons that make Greece an ideal and reliable choice for In Vitro Fertilization.


Accumulate experience

Reputable medical staff with numerous IVF cycles and treatment of various medical cases. At the same time, specialized clinical embryologists excel with a clear scientific direction and persistence in research. Administrative staff, who organize certified procedures. Multilingual midwives, able to support women from all over the world, speaking their language.

Medical research

Research teams through public and private initiatives are working diligently to develop new techniques and drugs. The scientific zeal, together with the necessary investment lead to the use of improved innovative techniques. Also, in finding new drug regimens – protocols, more friendly and suitable for the special needs of every woman.

Εξωσωματική Ελλάδα

Climatic Conditions and Good Psychology

We know that infertility is almost always accompanied by negative emotions. The feeling of anxiety and frustration is intense, both for the woman and the man. Couples who decide to embark on a fertility treatment journey have usually gone through a long, stressful journey.

When a couple decides to proceed with In Vitro Fertilization, our main concern is their constant psychological support. Greece is one of the few countries that have the ideal conditions for the good psychology of a couple – and from abroad – to have an IVF procedure. The sun lifts our mood, gives us energy and removes unpleasant thoughts. It activates our optimism, our love for life, the positive perception of things, even in difficult circumstances.

Financial cost

Another important element to choose to travel to Greece for a treatment – IVF – is the cost. The economic situation that our country is facing in recent years, has forced infertility centers to reduce costs. Always keeping quality in high levels, reducing prices and costs, makes them competitive and places them in the top choices in the world. With half the money, at a lower cost than couples in another European city would spend, they have the same success rates.

Friendly legal framework

The favorable and flexible legislation of Greece allows the self-determination of the female body and contains important points that help the use of successful practices. For example, it allows sperm and egg donation in In Vitro Fertilization, with full protection of the donor’s anonymity. In addition, in our country medically assisted reproduction is allowed in unmarried women. Also, cryopreservation of fertilized eggs. At the same time, the favorable Greek legislation in the field of assisted reproduction allows embryo transfer of two embryos during the IVF process. In addition, it increases the success rate and saves women from time consuming repetitions of the procedure. Finally, the possibility of choosing surrogacy makes Greece the ideal country for infertility treatments. This, compared to other countries. Thus, it becomes obvious that it provides all the alternatives that increase the chances for an infertile couple to have a baby..

Geographical position

Greece is easily accessible to all European countries, as well as to Eastern countries for visitors from abroad. In recent years, travelling to and from our country, by airplane or by car has improved significantly. The International Airport El. Venizelos connects us directly with the largest cities abroad, with flights all year round. Airports and railways have been rebuilt. The road network has also been upgraded. Thus, each trip has become even more affordable, fast and economical for those from abroad who want to visit our country.

Ταξίδι εξωσωματικήHolidays

Every effort can be made easier if combined with a leisure trip. A couple who comes from abroad to Greece for their treatment, has the opportunity to get to know the beauties of the country. Greece is known all over the world because it has a rich history and ancient culture. It also has endless beaches, good food and entertainment options.

Gyn Care IVF Greece & Italy offers a specially designed, complete package for couples coming, either from the countryside or from abroad.

In addition to the possibility of meeting live in our clinics in Rome, Milan, Bari, Orbetello and Athens, there is the possibility of online meetings.

In addition, we can organize the Trip to Parenthood from A to Z. Your travel expenses for your trip, your tickets and your reservations are made by us. At the El. Venizelos airport a private vehicle with a driver, who speaks your language, will be waiting for you. He will take you to the luxury hotel. You are hosted in a hotel located a few kilometers away from the clinic and very close to the Athenian Riviera.


At the clinic, the whole medical team will be waiting for you. The Gynecologist, the Clinical Embryologist, the Psychologist and the Midwife will always be by your side.

After the completion of the first part of the treatment (egg collection) you have 5 days at your disposal, to enjoy the city of Athens. We provide you with a map and a complete city guide with the best attractions, museums, galleries, restaurants and entertainment venues. Your waiting will be more pleasant. During this time, the Clinical Embryologist takes care, observes and hosts in the most ideal conditions in his laboratory, your little new miracle. The treatment is completed with the embryo transfer and our warmest wishes for a positive result..

Also read the Frequently Asked Questions section for more answers.

We try to make the experience of the IVF process as painless as possible psychologically. We also try to create beautiful memories from our country.

Equally important is the fact that everything we offer is done with the same money you would spend in another country just for your treatment!


Create Your Family, While Enjoying the never – ending Greek summer.

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