8 myths about pregnancy

Answers in common myths about pregnancy.

For centuries, we hear stories and myths about pregnancy, which still go on today. So, mothers-to-be get wrong advice from other women, especially older women who pass down these myths from one generation to the next. The truth lies in science…

Myth: A pregnant woman mustn’t cross her legs or bend.

Truth: The way a woman sits or moves doesn’t affect her pregnancy, as long as she feels comfortable.

Myth: During pregnancy a woman must stay in bed.

Truth: Pregnancy is not a disease, but the most beautiful period for a woman. She can work and do her everyday activities. Only in some cases, she may need to not work for a while or stay in bed. Commuting and trips aren’t dangerous for a pregnant woman who hasn’t got any problems.

Myth: A round baby bump means that the baby will be a girl.

Truth: The size and the shape of the baby bump show in no case the baby’s gender or the way the woman is going to give birth. Every woman’s body is different and so is each pregnancy.

Myth: A woman has heartburn when the baby’s hair is growing.

Truth: The heartburn a pregnant woman may feel during the first trimester is due to the pressure she feels in her stomach. This happens because the uterus expands and the digestive system changes. The gastric acid goes up to the esophagus, so the woman feels heartburn because of gastritis or esophagitis.

Myth: The pregnant woman must eat for two.

Truth: That is totally not true. A pregnant woman must have small portions of food regularly.
The recommendation of the obstetrician is not a matter of aesthetics but of health for the woman and therefore for her pregnancy and its good outcome.

Myth: If you don’t satisfy a pregnant woman’s cravings, she will miscarry.

Truth: A woman’s will to have something unusual during pregnancy or combine sweet and salty food is because of hormonal changes during pregnancy. If a pregnant woman’s cravings aren’t satisfied, it won’t affect the baby- only the mother’s mood.

Myth: You mustn’t interact with animals during pregnancy.

Truth: Pets are not dangerous for a pregnant woman as long as they are vaccinated or the woman takes the necessary precautions.

Myth: The pregnant woman must abstain from sex.

Truth: Sexual intercourse with her partner during pregnancy isn’t dangerous for the woman as long as the pregnancy is normal or allowed by the obstetrician.

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