PAP Smear

What is the Pap smear?

The Pap smear test is a simple test during which the cervix is ​​examined for any precancerous and cancerous lesions that can be detected.The whole world owes the discovery of the Pap test or the Papanikolaou test to George Papanikolaou, the Greek physician who during his scientific research in America discovered it.

Is it necessary?

Prevention of cervical cancer is life-saving for a woman. Cervical cancer is
the second most frequent cancer in the female population. However, it can be diagnosed early by showing whether suspicious cell lesions are present for neoplasia and which may develop into cervical cancer. In women who are not regularly tested by tests Papanicolaou, cervical cancer can develop without being perceived as it is not followed by symptoms. When the symptoms occur, the disease will already be in advanced stages. With the PAP test, some sexually transmitted infections can also be detected diseases or infections. Moreover, in addition to the detection of abnormal cells in the cervix and endocervix the Papanicolaou test can detect vaginitis, cervicitis and Infections.

When should a woman begin being tested?

The first pap smear should be done 2 years after the first sexual intercourse.

How is it performed?

The woman is put in gynecological position. The cervix is ​​examined with the speculum and then the smear is taken. At our clinic we perform the Thin Prep which also gives us the ability to identify HPV if needed.

Does it hurt?

It is painless.

Should the patient be afraid if she notices some small blood loss after the pap smear?

It is completely normal to see small quantity of blood after the pap smear. It stops very quickly some minutes after it is done.

During which time of the cycle should it be performed?

The patient does not have to be on menstruation.

Is there a special preparation needed?

No special preparation is needed.

Which should be the frequency of testing?

Once every year under the condition that pap smear is completely normal.